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Let us handle the nuts-and-bolts of your income-producing properties!  From the initial property inspection that insures compliance with rental housing regulations (exclusions and limitations apply), through the leasing operations, to maintenance management, rent collection, paying bills, handling tenant problems, up to court actions. . . all that’s left for you to do is deposit your income checks! Your management contract can be customized to the level of service that best suits your needs. We cater to ensuring that your real estate investment flows smoothly and effortlessly through all required channels.
The concierge coordinates all details of property ownership with meticulous detail. Buyers feel pampered as one attentive person provides personalized support. Unlike customer service options at other companies, there are no impersonal and complicated voice mail mazes to raise frustration levels. Our exemplary one-call-does-it-all service is all that you will ever want or need.


Property Protection, which starts with a thorough visual and written record of the condition of the property before and after the term of a lease agreement (in some cases the visual and written record may be supplied by a third party). With digital photography, these records can be maintained efficiently to provide accurate documentation of the pre- and post-rental condition of the unit and furnishings.

Leasing Services:  Each Management Contract includes complete leasing services.

Rent Collection cannot be a haphazard operation! Our system includes task scheduling for rent collections, issuing of past-due notices, and follow-up procedures for delinquent accounts.

Your property manager will employ human services training and experience to turn slow-paying tenants into paid-in-full tenants.

When necessary, Civil Suits and Evictions will be handled for you professionally and efficiently, with the intent and purpose to protect and maintain the landlord’s rights, property, and income.

Our Maintenance Management Services will be custom-designed to suit each property owner.

You may elect to have us handle any or all of the functions in this area, which include:

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM phone coverage;
  • Repair diagnosis;
  • Repair proposals;
  • Contractor bid collection;
  • Repair/maintenance scheduling;
  • Inspection of contractor work;
  • Furnishings replacement;
  • Cleaning and painting proposals;
  • Contractor payments;

Income/Expense and other Financial Reports shall be provided to help you accurately assess the profitability of your investments. What is the income/expense comparison for each unit; for each property? See transaction reports, summarized by account category. A broad range of reports are available, which can be customized to your requirements.

Professional Guidance Regarding Landlord Rights and Responsibilities – Our experience and standing in the real estate industry keeps us on top of local, state and federal regulations that affect landlords. Don’t be caught unaware by laws or local ordinances that can cause you financial or legal complications. We will do our best to keep you informed and your property compliant.

Rates for the full Management Service package and the Leasing Services package are standardized as a percentage of the lease-term income.

Placement includes screening, move in move out inspections, make ready supervision.

It does not include make ready costs or supplies.

Property management is 10% per month.

Includes interior inspections, all accounting, evictions, tenant management, repair scheduling and supervision. All costs for maintenance are at the owner’s expense. A service plan is available and recommend.

Are you ready for your life to become easier?

Contact for more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your management needs.

Leasing Services

Our Leasing Services, which are included in the Property Management contract, may also be contracted separately. Leasing Services consist of:

Advertising your Vacancy Listings, both on-line and in print.
Answering all Inquiries concerning your rental
Showing the Property
Applicant Screening – to gain sufficient background information to protect your interests.
Completing a “solid” Lease designed to protect your property, your income, and ensure compliance with all applicable landlord/tenant legal obligations.

If you’re already a landlord, you know how demanding these tasks can be! Our Leasing Services will free you from the all-hours phone calls, the time-consuming showing appointments, and the uncertainties of tenant selection.

Our lease agreement is based on the Florida Association of Realtors standard lease, and can be modified to meet your specific rental situation.

Rates for our Leasing Services package are based upon a percentage of the lease term income, and will be quoted to the customer only.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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